HXM, or Human Experience Management, is the latest in the evolving viewpoints of employee experience. Personally, I find it to be the smartest move yet from the world of HR.

In a nutshell (for those of you not up on current buzzwords), Human Experience Management is when companies deliver experiences to facilitate what employees need to do to be their best. HXM delivers the mindset and the tools needed to produce the results businesses need to survive and thrive.

Pivoting has become the norm for companies during the pandemic and being agile means needing open minds and creative solutions. That is where Play comes in! Giving employees a variety of purposeful play skills shifts their mindsets and helps with resiliency and trust.

Purposeful Play programs are designed around how workers conduct themselves on the job and what they need to feel connected and be productive. Millennials and Gen Y, especially, expect a fun and engaging work experience. They expect that companies will invest in things that make them want to work for them. They expect to have their say and they expect their employers’ actions to reflect their feedback!

Having a playful atmosphere will facilitate communication in a productive way. Games that allow for active listening and creative solutions keeps morale high and trust paramount.

Stress levels are another reason Play is a needed addition to workplace experience. According to the American Institute of Stress, 80% of workers now feel stress on the job. Play alleviates that stress by keeping people “in the moment.” It takes them out of their head and allows them to be in the present moment. It gives their mind a break, which resets their attitude and calms them down.

Companies must show empathy and care for their employees. By embracing the uniqueness of employee needs, differences, strengths, weaknesses, and perspectives, they can build better teams, better leaders, and better companies. This is the crux of HXM. Gathering information from employees using aspects of Applied Improv and other forms of Play lets them know they are cared for and listened to.

Maintaining and improving optimal work culture takes effort and attention. Human Experience Management, with the bonus of Play, designs employee experiences in a way that positively shapes corporate culture. And in today’s quickly morphing work environments, creating a culture of happiness and satisfaction is most important.

The Playful Way

When was the last time you PLAYED?

Like really played?

We all need a little fun in our lives, especially when working 9-5 jobs, under TONS of corporate pressure, it’s good to let loose and really enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

I am one who truly knows what this means, I have built my business under a FUN atmosphere.

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