Those of you who have taken any of my workshops on creativity know that keeping your inner child happy with an attitude of play is essential. Actually, it’s essential in all areas of life—but for this quick post, let’s stick to creativity and inspiration. Where does yours come from? How do you get creative?

In my workshops, I share games and exercises to change the way you see the world. And many of us have adopted them. Simple things like getting out of your office to be in nature, taking a different route to work, asking different questions of a problem and more, help with creative problem solving and innovation. But as I prove with a few of the exercises, most of us still tend to stay inside their “box” when thinking about what’s possible.

That’s why I was so inspired when I saw the following TED talk. I’m kind of addicted to TED and TEDx talks (and am hoping to do one myself, one of these days). They encourage me to keep doing what I’m doing and they feed everything from my emotional wellbeing to my ecological wellbeing to my physical wellbeing. It’s a talk given by lead singer and director of the band OK Go, Damian Kulash. He and the band explain their creative process through a multi-media wonderland of fun and innovation. Damian also explains how he sees the world and gets his inspiration. I hope it gives you as much joy and spurs you on as it did for me. It’s about 20 minutes, so sit back and enjoy!

The Playful Way

When was the last time you PLAYED?

Like really played?

We all need a little fun in our lives, especially when working 9-5 jobs, under TONS of corporate pressure, it’s good to let loose and really enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

I am one who truly knows what this means, I have built my business under a FUN atmosphere.

And I want to share this with you…

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